Starting with Rock Band drums

at the tender age of 12, Connor  cultivated his craft on his own for several years, with a $200

drum-kit that his mom got him

for Christmas. He began to first

take formal lessons in 2014 under the tutelage of Jordi Comstock ; he did so until he began his enrollment in the NSCC Music Arts program.

Connor takes influences from many styles including: funk, R&B, rock, blues, Cuban and jazz. He was first inspired to play drums by Jeremy Taggart, the drummer for Canadian band Our Lady Peace.

He now draws influence from

various different drummers

including: Chris Coleman,

Benny Greb, Fred Boswell Jr.,

Elvin Jones, John Bonham,

Stewart Copeland, Carter

Beauford, Max Roach, Alejandro Enriquez, Tre Cool, Steve Gadd and many more. 


Rachael has been involved with

music her entire life. From the age of 5 years old she has actively participated in private lessons studying in piano, bass, guitar, and voice. Rachael excelled as a vocalist and chose to further her singing career by taking vocal lessons from the age of 8 to 18.

At the age of 17 she joined the 

band Lone Cloud. With her as

lead vocalist and primary composer, Lone Cloud brought home two ECMA nominations and an 2013 ECMA. Rachael has since left Lone Cloud to take a new direction focused primarily on jazz and blues. 

​In 2015, Rachael graduated with a Diploma in Music Arts from  NSCC.


Connor Booth



Rachael Henderson

Bass & Vocals

The Blue Lane Bio


Morgan Cruickshank



Morgan is a guitarist, songwriter

and vocalist from Chester, NS 

who is happy to be taking a stroll down The Blue Lane with his musician friends. Morgan writes his own music, provides session work and plays with "The Abbotts." 

Morgan is influenced by many

musical styles including blues, rock, folk, metal, funk and most recently jazz. Finding a love for music through Rock 'n' Roll, he has been developing his musical

abilities ever since.

He is heavily inspired by the

works of Les Paul, Jimi Hendrix,

Louis Armstrong and

Django Reinhardt.

In 2014, Morgan graduated

from NSCC with a Diploma in

Music Arts. He finds composing

new music with “The Blue Lane” exciting and hopes to be coming to a venue near you soon.