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 ​​"It’s a great great tune, really immerses yourself in the music.”

  –  Canadian Spotlight Song of the Week,

Canadian Music Radio, Michael Raine on "Walking into Yesterday." 

““…they’re breaking out a song from their live set and bestowing upon us a gift of Christmas exuberance. Like Hendrix’s “Third Stone from the Stone” meets a rapid fire burst of lyrics delivered a la Pete Shelley.””
- Alex Cook, The East Mag (Dec 24, 2018)



Skyland Saga | Part One: Vision


"In my nearly 40 years of studio work I have rarely seen a group so organized and prepared to record. In contrast to many people who rely on technology for everything, they had their musical ducks in a row. I was just there to capture it."

 – David Findlay, Otitis Media

"Smooth and passionate...Very nice." 

– J. (John) David MacPherson

"The Blue Lane have proven themselves experts at imagery with this record. From the lyrical content to the instrumentals, each aspect of the songs adds to the overall magical quality this album possesses. Even the vocal stylings change to fit the mood being conveyed. Vocalist and bassist Rachael Henderson can switch from a haunting siren’s call to a gritty purr at the drop of a hat."
- Maggie Mclean, The East Mag (Sep 24, 2018)